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This is a closer look at the state women’s facilities and whether they explicitly mention the provision of menstrual products like pads, tampons, and panty liners to inmates in their prisoner handbooks, where available, or not. Vague references to ‘hygiene products’ or ‘hygiene items’ are not counted.

Information for all facilities is from each state’s Department of Corrections website, all of which are listed on the Relevant Links page. Note that several states have handbooks for friends and family of inmates, which are not the same as inmate handbooks and do not provide as much detail.

StateMentioned in HandbookRelevant Excerpt
(Nov 1, 2017 version)
p. 10-11 “Hygiene Items – Necessary toilet articles will be supplied for you or you can purchase preferred items from the canteen. Necessary items include toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, hair shampoo, hair pressing oil, deodorant, disposable razor, shaving cream, a comb and brush, shower shoes, feminine hygiene items (sanitary napkins and tampons), and toilet paper. Both feminine hygiene items and toilet paper are unlimited and are continuously stocked on all units. If you are running low or out of these, please tell a staff member.”
(May 2019 version)
p. 48 “Authorized Property List…Sanitary Napkins/Tampons – box…quantities as required, prescribed or permitted by Medical or approved by the Superintendent.”
(Apr 8, 2019 version)
(Mar 2020 version)
p. 13 “Personal Clothing
The ADC provides uniforms, undergarments, a pair of shoes, soap,
toothbrush, toothpaste, safety razor with blade, bath towels and feminine
hygiene items.”
CaliforniaNo – Central California Women’s Facility, California Institution for Women, Folsom State Prison
(CCWF – Jan 16, 2020 version, CIW – Oct 2013 version, FSP – Feb 2021 version)
ColoradoYes – Denver Women’s Facility , No – La Vista
(DWF – Jul 2021 version, La Vista – as of Aug 24, 2021)
p. 4 “You will be issued one hygiene kit which includes: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, feminine hygiene pads, and toilet paper.”
(May 2021 version)
(Feb 7, 2014 version)
(Nov 9, 2018 version)
(As of Jul 28, 2021)
(Feb 15, 2017 version)
(As of Jul 28, 2021)
IllinoisYes – Logan, Fox Valley
(Logan – Jul 2020 version, Fox – Oct 2021 version)
No – Decatur, Logan Reception & Classification
(Decatur – May 10, 2021 version, Logan R&C – as of 29 Oct, 2021)
Logan – p. 29 “State–issued feminine hygiene products are distributed on state-pay week at no charge to the offender. Feminine hygiene products are also available for purchase at the Offender Commissary.”
Fox – p. 37 “Sanitary pads are available at the Shift area.”
(2016 version)
(May 2018 version)
(10 Jun, 2019 version)
(2020 version)
(2021 version)
(Sep 2021 version)
(2020 version)
MassachusettsNo – General Inmate, Framingham, Shattuck Hospital Unit
(Gen – Dec 13, 2012 version, Framingham – Aug 2021 version, Shattuck- Mar 26, 2021 version)
(Feb 20, 2018 version)
MinnesotaNo – General Inmate
(Gen – 2012 version)
Yes – Shakopee
(Shakopee – Jul 2019 version)
p.7 “Feminine hygiene products are available for free to all offenders. You have the option to purchase name brand items through canteen.”
(Jun 2016 version)
Ch VII, p. 15 “Female inmates will be issued sanitary napkins”
MissouriYes – Chillicothe, Chillicothe Treatment Housing
(Chillicothe – Oct 23, 2013 version, CTH – Feb 8, 2013 version)
p. 11 “State toilet paper, soap and sanitary pads are provided.”
(p. 10 in treatment housing handbook)
(Jan 2019 version)
(Jun 1, 2015 version)
(Jul, 2020 version)
New HampshireNo
(2012 version, being revised as of Aug 13, 2021)
New JerseyNo
(As of Jul 28, 2021)
New MexicoNo – Western
(Western – Dec 2021 version)
Yes – Springer
(Springer – May 13, 2021 version)
p.13 “Only indigent inmates are eligible to receive certain personal items from the Canteen, free of charge….The hygiene kit will be composed of the following items and will only be issued one (1) time….1- Sanitary Napkins”
New YorkAlbion – Yes
(May 2019 version)
Bedford Hills – Yes
(May 2021 version)
Lakeview – No
(July 2020 version)
Albion – p. 9 “On the fourth Saturday of each month, the following supplies are issued….2 twelve packs of sanitary napkins….Inmates who require more than the standard issue of sanitary napkins will need authorization from medical.”
Bedford – p.38 “Toilet paper, sanitary napkins, soap, and toothpaste are delivered to each unit once a month and are distributed to each offender. You are responsible for monitoring these supplies so they last the full month.”
North CarolinaNo – NC Institution for Women, Canary Unit)
(NCIW – Aug 18, 2020 version, Canary – Dec 8, 2020)
North DakotaNo
(Aug 2021 version)
OhioNo – DCI, NERC
(Jan 2021 versions)
Yes – ORW
(Jan 2021 version)
ORW – p.51 “You will receive…hygiene kit…in reception the day you are admitted to the institution….the hygiene kit contains…sanitary napkins.” (Also available for indigent inmates)
(Sep 2021 version)
(As of Jul 28, 2021)
PennsylvaniaNo – General Inmate, Cambridge Springs, Muncy, Quehanna
(Gen – 2017 version, CS – 2020 version, Muncy – 2018 version, Quehanna – 2017 version)
Rhode IslandNo
(As of Aug 2021)
South CarolinaNo
(Jul 2021 version)
South DakotaNo
(Apr 2021 version)
(Aug 2018 version)
(Feb 2017 version)
(Mar 2017 version)
(Sep 2011 version)
p.26 “Inmate Allowable Property Matrix…Sanitary Napkins/Tampons… One month’s supply… Commissary purchase except indigent inmates. Females only.”
VirginiaNo – VCCW, FCCW
(VCCW – Jun 2020 version, FCCW – May 2021 version)
(As of Jul 2021)
West VirginiaYes
(Apr 2019)
p.24 (76/91) “Upon assignment to a housing unit, each inmate will be issued or made available the following personal hygiene items: feminine hygiene”
(Mar 2017 version)
p. 9 “Feminine hygiene items and bags are available in each housing unit upon request.”
(2016 version)
All information from state corrections department websites, the University of Michigan Law Policy Clearinghouse (when no handbook found on the state website), and the product of state FOIA requests.

Page last updated 31 May, 2023